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Please be careful with my daughter's biometrics

Schools often aren’t the most clued up when it comes to understanding privacy and security, but the companies and service providers that that work with them —and take on all sorts of child data— really need to watch what they’re doing.

Nobody should be handing out my daughter’s fingerprints to strangers, right?

Published 2017-11-01. Read 3,110 times. 1 Comment. Tagged: security

When did we stop caring about basic network security? We need to act before it's too late.

Another day, another crippling botnet attack from yet another wave of conscripted IoT devices. As we continue to shovel piles of crappy abandoned devices onto our networks, why do we seem to be doing less and less to monitor and curtail what these devices do on our networks? Why don’t we care any more? Have we given up on network security?

Published 2016-10-04. Read 4,680 times. 3 Comments. Tagged: ddos security

Our doctors are striking for patients, not money

My better half is a junior doctor. She works insanely long hours and cares completely for her patients. When you can see how much it costs somebody as conscientious as she is to walk out on strike, it’s all the more frustrating that press coverage so spotty, confusing and often insulting.

The underlying issue is so simple: There aren’t enough doctors.

Published 2016-04-26. Read 5,260 times. 3 Comments. Tagged: doctors nhs politics

Breaking the Internet won't stop terrorism

Governments want to intercept all terrorist communication but… they can’t. You can talk online with perfect secrecy if you know what you’re doing. Their solution to this is banning strong encryption. Most people have probably switched off but this will affect you (and won’t stop terrorists).

Published 2015-01-14. Read 4,480 times. 1 Comment. Tagged: security uk

Streaming your Kodi library over the Internet

Even if you’re leaving your media centre behind while you travel this Christmas, you don’t have to be without all your media. I’m going to show you that in just a few steps you can access all your TV and movies remotely on an Android device over a nice, secure SSH connection.

Published 2014-12-19. Read 28,700 times. 2 Comments. Tagged: kodi ssh ubuntu

Python isn't always slower than C

If you ask developers to describe Python in a few words you’ll probably hear easy, dynamic and slow but a recent impromptu game of Code Golf showed me that Python can actually be pretty competitive, even against compiled languages like C and C++ when you use the right interpreter: Pypy.

Published 2014-11-14. Read 2,280 times. 10 Comments. Tagged: python

It's time we buried Internet Explorer 8

Every web developer loves to wail on Internet Explorer but we need to act now if we want to stop the history of IE6 repeating itself with IE8. The longer we don’t, the longer we agree to limit ourselves to not using new and exciting features that make the internet better and our lives easier.

Published 2014-11-13. Read 4,450 times. 6 Comments. Tagged: browsers ie8 microsoft webdev

How to build a DIY sous vide water bath for £25 in 25 minutes

Cooking sous vide can revolutionise the way you think about food but commercial water baths are expensive. For mere pocket money, you can throw together a DIY sous vide that does the job better than some off-the-shelf units. It’s time to start cooking like the professionals.

Published 2014-11-05. Read 3,840 times. 3 Comments. Tagged: cooking