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No forms, no CAPTCHAs, no Super Secret Club decoder rings, just send me an email…


Wasn’t that easy?! That’s the point. Two decades of implementing other kinds of contact system, it’s clear that stopping people contact you does more damage than a good spam filter.

Don’t be worried about bothering me (exceptions below). If Google thinks it’s spam, I’ll never see it. If it’s asking too much, I’ll let you know. I like talking about the things I blog about, so I’m probably going to enjoy your email too.

If you’ve got an idea for a project, you wouldn’t be the first person to hire me for something through this page.

No sponsored “content proposals”

Paid content trivialises my voice. Why would I do that to myself? It dilutes any impact of the site, and in helping you astroturf, likely hurts real consumers and makes the internet worse. Just go away. You’re making the world a worse place.

If you a genuine review of something, hit me up. But you can’t buy my voice.

Don’t “check in” when I blank your spam

If you’re trying to sell me something —and especially something I’ve not asked for— I’m not going to waste my time batting you away. Just be patient or move on. I’m not the droid your looking for.

Don’t expect me to work for “exposure”

You read I thing I wrote and now you want more, or some help integrating it into your business or project? Please contact me, but set realistic expectations.

I write this stuff and help out on various websites for my own pleasure but if you need one-to-one help, I fully reserve the right to put a price on my time. I think that’s fair and you’re probably a very reasonable person and think that’s fair too… only I have to say this because people have been quite abusive when I wouldn’t give them two hours of my time for nothing.

And if you think “exposure” is something a man in his late thirties will bend over backwards for, you’re clearly unfamiliar with the back-health of men in their late thirties. If you want me to work for you, please do contact me and we’ll figure out the remuneration. If you think you’re an influencer, or the next big thing, or already a big thing, that’s really great, but I’ve got to make a living too.