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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

Product placement gone wild

Films and TV need money to cover their extravagant budgets but is product placement the right way to cover those funds? Warning: media/bandwidth-heavy post.

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So you're thinking of writing a comment…

Then please read this before you do. English is a seriously complex language, something too many of us take for granted. While modern browsers can help us with our spelling, they do little for grammar. Read this post to boost your grammatical karma and avoid my wrath.

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digg's friend feature is a complete debacle

Many aeons ago, digg added a social aspect to their news site: friends. Hailing it as a new way to find news at a more personal level, it was seen as a good way to follow your favourite diggers. Now there’s a new game for would-be spammers: add whoever you can and shout your crappy submissions at them.

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The cruel joke: Seagate RMAs

Last year while moving to Linux, one of my 300gig disks from the just-broken-up RAID5 array decided it was time to call it a day and died. It’s within warranty but that doesn’t mean that much when the support is run by Seagate.

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Zookoda's mother was a hamster!

Zookoda, the RSS to email republishers have been spamming me since a newsletter I was subscribed to closed down. I’ve complained several times yet the junk keeps coming. Not on my watch.

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Is all charity good?

In light of some of the feedback surrounding my last post, I address the core problem I see with good causes like FreeRice, namely that they don’t do nearly as much good as they could and probably harm other charitable causes.

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Is making $150k each day in profits? is a site that tries to educate and feed the world at the same time, but just taking a quick look at their figures shows there is a massive potential of earning money from this "philanthropic" gesture. Just how much is the owner keeping?

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Murphy's Law

If something adverse can happen, chances are it will, just to spite you. I’ve just had my first hard drive crash in years and it waited until just after I dismantled my RAID5 array. Just perfect. Strong and colourful language in this post.

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Apple needs to respect its users

They warned you but Apple decided to follow through and give those iPhone enthusiasts exactly what they wanted: shiny, bricked iPhones. Well done Apple. Way to meet the needs of your customers.

Published 2007-09-28. Read 3,630 times. 3 Comments. Tagged: apple iphone rant

Spinning the figures

Stats are a tricky thing. When you’re trying to push an argument and you have raw statistics by your side, it’s usually very easy to feed them to your audience in a fashion that misrepresents them. Using that as a base you can form conclusions varying from just misguided to outright lies…

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