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I’m dreaming of a brown internet

Tuesday, 20 November 2007 broadband internet networking

According to an anti-net-neutrality-sponsored study, people aren’t going to have enough bandwidth to do the things they want online by 2010. Fact is, I’m at least 4 years ahead of the curve and the report. Why should ISPs improve network access when they could just sit on their pile of gold?

ADSL is holding back the online economy

Thursday, 16 August 2007 internet iptv rant

While the internet continues to grow in both size and complexity, the speed that rural ADSL users are almost completely stagnant. Something needs to be done before the gap between urban and rural ADSL harms the online economy.

RapidShare have all the internets

Sunday, 24 December 2006 internet rapidshare releases

Breasts should be banned

Thursday, 9 November 2006 advertising internet rant

The Net Makes For Lazy Game Dev

Monday, 6 November 2006 games internet other programming

Nominet are worse than Verisign

Thursday, 23 February 2006 internet privacy registrars