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I’m a Windows enthusiast

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 rant windows

Hello. My name is Oli and I’m a Windows enthusiast.

I love Windows

The mere juxtaposition of "Windows" and the merest suggestion of enthusiasm in the same sentence may seem perverse, bordering pornographic to some people, but I’m proud of my computing heritage and where I am today.

Windows isn’t the best operating system by design, ideals, performance, stability or even price but I like it. I like it because I know it. I know what it’s going to do* and I know why it’s doing it*. I know it because I’ve probably spent around 30,000 hours using it.

I know where everything is* and I know how to look for something in the rare case I don’t know something about it.

I program for it. I know how to make the things I want to create and more importantly, the tools that help me make things are some of the best on any platform. People can argue about which programming languages are best — I know I will, if you’re looking for a debate — but we all know .net v2.0 blows the rest of your so called "languages" away.

I’m a hardware enthusiast. Though money isn’t flowing as I’d like it, I can still source the hardware from where I like. If I need to fix or replace something essential to my baby, I don’t have to make an appointment and drive x miles to get the bugger fixed — I drive 10 minutes, pick up something generic and have it back on it’s feet in another 20**.

I game on it. No Mac fan can tell me they have a millionth of the gaming potential from their Mac that I get from my beast — sorry guys, there’s more to gaming than World of Warcraft and card games. That said, I dare you to beat my Sol time =)

I don’t run into security or virus/malware issues without need for system-heavy anti-crapware because I know what I’m doing. I know some other people might have thought the same and been stung but they’re not me. Anybody can get unlucky and my hardware setup does protect me.

I know I’m not special — I’m Oli and I love my copy of Windows.

* Nine times out of ten, anyway
** Well… Unless it’s a power supply

2022 update: this didn’t age well ☺