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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

Review: Ubuntu Studio 7.04

Ubuntu Studio is a variant of Ubuntu that concentrates on three creative tasks: video editing, audio recording and graphics. Oli takes it for a test-drive.

Published 2007-05-12. Read 25,710 times. 0 Comments. Tagged: linux review

Review: Gentoo 2007.0

After five years of abstaining from getting down-and-dirty with Gentoo, Oli revisits the distribution that was responsible for many a migraine all those years ago… But does it cut the mustard when compared to other modern distributions?

Published 2007-05-11. Read 20,880 times. 0 Comments. Tagged: linux review

Review: PUD GNU/Linux 0.4.7

Oli gives the PUD GNU/Linux project a run for its money over two computers and finds that the real let down is the XFCE window manager that, although fast, is nowhere near as usable as it needs to be to compete in the Linux desktop race.

Published 2007-04-29. Read 13,930 times. 0 Comments. Tagged: linux review