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Some major site changes coming

Thursday, 7 June 2007 news

Just an update about the recent and upcoming changes happing on and around the site. I’d love comments, tips and suggestions so if you’ve got something to say, read this post =)

If you’re a regular you may have noticed that I’ve been pratting around with various design elements recently, most notably the header and the sidebar.

While I’m still not sure about the sidebar in terms of content or design, I’m in love with the header. I was getting so irate with cross-browser issues relating to text-boxes that I’ve now shifted the login form to its own page. Search has undergone similar changes although it’s far from complete.

If you’re a registered user, you’ll probably be wondering why the site has forgotten all about you. I’ve changed a few data-structures and now there’s no such thing as a “username” on the site, as there was before. You use your email and password to sign in now.

If you’re still not a registered user, I implore you to go through the system and reserve your name. It only takes a minute. I’m going to start adding a few member-only features in time for when I send out a bulk-email to the 2000-odd registered users to see what’s going on with them… I’ll give fair warning before I do send out that email.

But for now, if anybody wants to make me truly happy sign up, sign in and start or join a discussion in the forums. They’re pretty slick and it pains me to see hours of work going unnoticed.

I’d also love any comments about this design iteration. If you share my sentiments about the sidebar and know one somewhere that you do like, please pass the link along.