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New Google UI?

Friday, 8 June 2007 google releases

Just checked Google from Opera today and it looks like I’m getting a new UI coming through… Not sure if that’s just me or what though…

I just did a Google in Opera and noticed that the UI on deep search pages has changed.

New Google UI?

There’s javascript on there to load the “More” menu. Has this been around forever? I’m not a regular Opera user so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on… I can say that Firefox 2 is how it used to be though:

Old Google UI

While I can see the design logic behind it (give the logo and search box — the most important elements — most space), it does make the header a little larger.

If this is new, I wonder if this is the start of Google sexifying its network. Historically, they’re pretty stoic when it comes to design but the recent re-re-re-relaunch of ask.com might be scaring them finally into making some sweeping design changes.