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Slight design change

Thursday, 21 September 2006 design news

Regular visitors may have noticed a slight change to the design =)

I’ve expanded the design a lot and that 1% of people using 800*600 are going to have to get friendly with the scroll bars if they want to navigate. It’s not something I wanted to do, but the old width (although that was too wide for you too) was still too constrictive. You may have noticed that there are a couple more adverts on the site. This is just to raise funds to make sure the bills can be paid. There is also a new search feature (thank’s google).

I said at the end of last week that I was moments away from publishing the new report on what slows windows down. I’ve had it in a more-or-less finished state for a few days but I got an email the other day that’s making me sit on it. Symantec, having read my study, are a little concerned that the figures I’ve been publishing do not represent their latest and greatest product, so I’m busy talking with their PR people and they’re going to get me a copy of Norton Internet Security 2007 to review. When I’ve done that test and added it onto the report I’m sitting on, I’ll publish that here.

Really, I’d like your feedback over what you think about this design. Even if you’re a new visitor, you can still play. The old design looked like this.

I gave Steve of Seopher.com a preview look at the site design before it was released and unless I’m very much mistaken, I think he’s blogged about some of my adsense advert placements ='(