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Has Digg gone nuts for Apple?

Wednesday, 13 September 2006 apple digg technology

Sometimes seems like I’m the only person who can keep a page online for more than ten years. Digg died.

It’s the day after the big event. One press release known as a KeyNote, where the big man at Apple, Steve Jobs gave a talk about the up and coming things from Apple. Although the actual content is nothing special to me, lots of people went absolutely CRAZY over the whole thing… Especially the users at Digg.

Here are the Apple related front-paging stories over the last 16 hours:

  1. iTunes Music Store says ‘It’s Showtime’
  2. Don’t read blogs, watch it LIVE! Link to Quicktime stream of Apple Event
  3. Why Apple is Winning in Media Downloads
  4. Live Coverage of Apple Special Event
  5. Top Windows writer abandons Microsoft, and get’s a Mac (Okay drifting a little)
  6. Engadget’s live coverage of the “It’s Showtime” keynote
  7. Brian Mays MacBook SUCKS ! (Surprised it got buried after a few minutes?)
  8. iTunes 7 released, loads of new features!
  9. APPLE One last thing REAL surprise!!! Apple Attacks Multimedia TV Market!
  10. New iPod Nano Pictures
  11. Apple beefs up iPod gaming capabilities - including iTunes Store retail
  12. iPod price drop confirmed this morning
  13. The Apple Product Cycle
  14. Apple Anounces iTV
  15. Steve Jobs - “Bill, thank you. The world’s a better place.” (Drifting…)
  16. iTunes Movies confirmed!
  17. iTunes to sell games for iPods
  18. Apple Granted Six New Patents
  19. Apple Launches Enhanced 6G Ipod
  20. New iPod Games!
  21. New iTunes 7 SKIP COUNT feature!
  22. CoverFlow technology and intellectual property was recently sold to Apple.
  23. Aqua is dead, long live Aqua! (iTunes 7 is a preview of new OS X style)
  24. Apple releases iPod Showtime Event Webcast
  25. 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle
  26. Is Steve Jobs, Bill Gates 2.0? (Seriously?! Get a grip!)

For the love of all things holy! I expect that half of the people digging those were the same demanding Joystiq sack Robert Summa over the “BIG next-gen announcement” for getting people excited for no reason… Let just look at the list above for a second… What have Apple actually done to make people’s lives better?

They’re doing movies on iTunes. So they’re 12months behind their competitors. Big whoop. This isn’t something people should be rejoicing it should be a “Apple is FINALLY doing movies”.

Then there’s a new version of iTunes too. Okay, probably on time and its quite nice so fair digg.

iTV… Probably their biggest announcement of the whole keynote. The only one worth listening to at any rate.

They’re going to sell game for the iPod?! Jesus… They’ve had games on these things for how many years? Since they began, you say? Again, this shouldn’t be praised. Apple have spent far too long getting this sort of thing out the door and all people can say is “Thank God/Allah/whoever* for letting Apple be so great to us”

A new version of Apple’s worst MP3 player? Joy! From the bottom of my slightly turgid but quivering… erm… heart, thank you Apple.

The rest is all dribble. Sycophantic nonsense about the new “6G” iPod which is just a patched 5generation one. Apple getting more patents (if that’s not rumor stirring, nothing is). Is Steve Jobs Bill Gates 2.0? Just what the fuck? This is all bullshit!

Why can’t people see that buying into Apple products is about 1000% more expensive than going with a PC? If I’d bought a Mac a year ago and still wanted decent computer today how many upgrades would I have done? I reckon I’d have done 3 or 4… And they would all be full systems. I’ve upgraded my PC twice… First time, upgrading the RAM. Second time swapping the CPU from an AMD 64 3000+ to a AMD 64 X2 4800+ (a nice chip by the way) and both upgrades cost a fraction of one Mac. Someone help me off my Dvorak soap-box. I digress…

I understand that Apple is a popular subject on Digg, but this many stories about the same old crap? I seriously fear for the wallets of digg users around the world if a little press conference can stir up this much hype. Just imagine when the person at the middle of all this attention tells people to “go forth and buyeth the spangley new iPod of Disk Drive +80”.

If Apple do one thing well, its PR. It’s like a cult**.

* By “whoever” I’m not mocking your God(s). I’m happy that you either have faith or do not have faith… Just leave me out of it.

** If you’re a member of a [Apple(optional)] Cult, again, I mean no offence so please feel free to move along now and not try and conv… *Oh Oli’s Crashed… A mac wouldn’t do that would it!* … screw you… I can play ALL the games.