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March’s Updates

Friday, 17 March 2006 news

Hi everyone.


I’ve been pretty busy getting the backend ready for the implementation of the forums but I’ve managed to get the following changes pushed into this version:

  1. I’ve removed all the adverts for the time being. They were making the navigation bar too huge but chances are they’ll be back in not so long if site donations cannot sustain the hosting fees.

  2. I’ve added a list of common online bookmarking tools for each page allowing you to add the page to any of your online bookmarks. If I’ve missed off your favourite, please reply to this saying what you want me to add. I plan on doing the same thing for RSS subscriptions.

  3. I’ve just finished adding a tag cloud (how cliché?!) to the blog front page. I’m not sure if its 100% correct all the time, but it seems to be for now. Thanks to Novander for beating my mediocre statistics into shape.

  4. Profiles are now editable and visible. To edit your profile, just login and click the “My Profile” button under the “Members” menu.

Other Announcements

I’m going to make blog and article threads email and RSS subscribable for members next week so people can track the activity in just one thread. Nothing major.

I’m looking for people to articles on the blog just to keep things active so I can concentrate on the development side of things. I’ll allow these people to have their tag (if they want it) that they can use as a semi-private blogspace.

I’m going to implement anonymous comment posting on the article and blog posts using a random string image. I’m just working out some of the bugs with the image not remembering the right string, but when this is done, I’ll post again in the news section.

Just for the love of PageRank that we undoubtedly lost in the spell of downtime that was experienced before the v8 launch, I’m looking for people to put links on their site here. I know there’s not much fresh real content at the moment but when I’ve done the site, I’ll fall back into article-writing mode. Naturally, I’m more than happy to post a return link.

I still need to get the time display sorted out. I’m in the UK and the server is in Florida so there’s some difference. When people login, they **should** see the timezone they entered with. I’ll review all the time posting locations and attack this next week.

The display of article sections is going to be overhauled because its just plain ugly at the moment. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, so if you have any suggestions or examples of existing “nested section” layout, please chuck them in my general direction.

I’m currently working with the component designers Actipro on their CodeHighlighter product to allow it to be used in Medium Trust settings on ASP.net. When we’ve knocked out all the bugs, trust me when I say we’re going to have some beautiful code samples on the site.