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KittenAuth v2

Sunday, 30 April 2006 kittenauth news

I know you’re probably wondering what my limits are on version — 2 major versions in a month seems a little silly to me too — but that’s how it is.

The all new, all shiny, but still incomplete v2 comes with the following features:

There are still a couple of bugs in the code and there are some more features that need to be added before I push this out the door, including:

v1.5 had some image rotation in it. While this eliminated the possibility of basic checksumming of images, it made it (slightly) hard to view the image but more importantly it added a monkeyload of cpu- load on the server. It wouldn’t be practical on a busy site. As far as a replacement for that is going, altering the jpeg quality looks like the best option at the moment.

I’m currently developing this under Drupal. I wouldn’t say I would have its children but it’s serving its purpose for the time being. Because of this its likely that the first proper plugin for KittenAuth will be drupal based. Either on the registration side, or for anonymous comment posting. It really depends how well I get on with writing the plugin.

I’m also hopeful that the creator of the phpbb-kittenauth, will hop onboard to make a plugin that works with the current KittenAuth version and other non-platform specific.

If you want KittenAuth on your webapp ASAP, or you want to help us make the core parts or even make a plugin for the project, pop along to KittenAuth.com and register your interest.

Something funny to finish on. I was browsing a site that I read a review of KittenAuth on a while ago and I decided that I wanted to update them on the progress of development, today. I went to register and I met this captcha.

This one image perfectly describes why the world needs KittenAuth. This really hasn’t been edited.