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Follow-up on KittenAuth

Tuesday, 25 April 2006 kittenauth news

I’ve just posted an article on the likely future of KittenAuth which eliminates (almost) all the current problems that have been raised in the comments.

I’m going to start working on reprising the PHP version with fresh code to sort out the current bugs (like images just not loading for unknown reasons) and I’m also going to try and factor in the suggestions I make in the article. I’ll probably redo the .NET version around that time and publish the core souce for it as soon as I’m done.

As far as a proper website for the project is going, I’m still mucking around with various CMS systems. They always say its less effort to use a prefab over a custom-build bit of software, but in this instance I seem to be spending a lot of time just playing with 1million-and-1 opensource CMS systems. Its not making me happy. If anyone wants to suggest or even install something for me, feel free to lend me a hand =)

Oh yeah, something fun for last week: Google kicked me off adsense. I’m not going to say anymore than they thought I was generating illegal clicks (probably from the burst of traffic) and I’m fighting them to have my account rightfully reinstated and my account credited with the earnings they no-doubt squandered. They also kindly slayed my pagerank from 4 to 1. If anyone has been through a similar process with Google, please advise me what to do. I dont want to get into bickering on here because they will no-doubt read it when they come to do their evaluation.

Until I get an email form up, if you want direct email contact from me, just leave a comment using your real email and say somewhere in your message you need a reply. I’ll get back to you as fast as I humanly can.