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Sunday, 3 September 2006 kittenauth kittenauth-news

I’ve added this new section of the blog for posting updates on KittenAuth that don’t merit going on the front page. It’s this that’s kept me from posting as much in the past but there’s no stopping me now.

As I said on my birthday, I’m really close to releasing the full ASP.NET version of KittenAuth v2 and I’ve started to use it on my contact page. Tell me what you think of it via the same form. I’ve also started getting the code out for the people that said they wanted to help on the PHP side of things. It would be nice to do a straight port but because ASP.NET really is a full framework, there are certain things that will have to be done differently.

If you’re reading this, you’re either on the blog page or you’re one of the few RSS subscribers. That being, if you want to just play with KAv2, use the test-page I’ve been using. You an find it here: /kav2test

For now, I’d like people to not spread the above link around too much as I can’t be doing with all that server load until I’m sure its not going to blow up and kill us all =)