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ASPNET KittenAuth v2 release is close

Monday, 28 August 2006 asp.net kittenauth news

I thought I’d just post to keep people up on the status of KittenAuth getting to public use.

Its my 22nd birthday today, and here I am, finishing off the aspnet version of KittenAuth v2. Its got all the features of the PHP V2 demo but works a lot smoother and is in code that I’m happy to release.

Its being released as a .dll server control that you can use just like a button. You just plonk it on your form, handle the event it raises and before you know it, you’ve got a submit button that can tell you if the person submitting is a computer or a real person. Start to finish should take people about 10 minutes to install it and have it up and running.

When I’ve done the documentation for it, I’ll do a quick screencast to show me implementing it onto a test website and I’ll subsequently publish that testweb alongside the video.

The PHP version is still lagging behind… Mainly due to my hatred for it but also because I’ve had some issues with frameworks that like to use their own session handlers (as I’ve said before). Hopefully when there’s code available for the aspnet version a aspnet/php duelist can gove me a hand replicating the .net version in php-glory.

I’m *pretty* sure the .net version will work well but I’d like to run a small closed beta. So if you want to beta KAv2 on your site or just try it on a testweb reply to this with your real email (or username on here) and I’ll email you once I’m ready for it.

That concludes the update and happy birthday to me. Hoorah.