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If only all things were this sexy…

Monday, 4 September 2006 kittenauth kittenauth-news

As promised I’m back and posting again. Today I’ve been beautifying more aspects of the output of KittenAuth adding more JavaScript*.

I’ve added a dependency on moo.fx today, a very small script that uses prototype to add nice effects. You can see what I’ve achieved here: http://thepcspy.com/kav2test/

There’s also been a tweak on the CSS front so there are :hovers given to each tile depending on whether it’s been selected or not**

I’m now working on letting it save the owner bandwidth by not loading the images until the user says they want to take the test… As I see it, what’s the point of loading 12+ images if they’re not even going to take the test? If anyone has any suggestions on that problem, please reply.

Anyway… Oh, I’ve also started writing the documentation and install-guide for ASPNET…

*I know people said they HATE JavaScript! None of the JavaScript in this entire project is needed for KittenAuth to work. If you’re in FireFox (as you should be), you can turn off JavaScript in options to test how it looks for those tin-foil-hat-wearers who daren’t turn on JavaScript for fear of the aliens downloading their megahurts.

** Naturally JavaScript is required for that to work properly. If you have it disabled, take your tin-foil-hat off now… How many people do you know that have been hacked through their browser over JS?