I'm a Windows enthusiast

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Hello. My name is Oli and I’m a Windows enthusiast.

I love Windows

The mere juxtaposition of "Windows" and a derivative of "enthusiasm" in the same sentence may seem perverse — bordering pornographic — to some people, but I’m proud of my computing heritage and where I am today.

Windows isn’t the best operating system by design, ideals, performance, stability or even price but I like it. I like it because I know it. I know what it’s going to do* and I know why it’s doing it*. I know it because I’ve probably spent around 30,000 hours using it.

I know where everything is* and I know how to look for something in the rare case I don’t know something about it.

I program for it. I know how to make the things I want to create and more importantly, the tools that help me make things are some of the best on any platform. People can argue about which programming languages are best — I know I will, if you’re looking for a debate — but we all know .net v2.0 blows the rest of your so called "languages" away.

I’m a hardware enthusiast. Though money isn’t flowing as I’d like it, I can still source the hardware from where I like. If I need to fix or replace something essential to my baby, I don’t have to make an appointment and drive x miles to get the bugger fixed — I drive 10 minutes, pick up something generic and have it back on it’s feet in another 20**.

I game on it. No mac fan can tell me they have a millionth of the gaming potential from their Mac that I get from my beast — sorry guys, there’s more to gaming than World of Warcraft and card games. That said, I dare you to beat my Sol time =)

I don’t run into security or virus/malware issues without need for system-heavy anti-crapware because I know what I’m doing. I know some other people might have thought the same and been stung but they’re not me. Anybody can get unlucky and my hardware setup does protect me.

I know I’m not special — I’m Oli and I love my copy of Windows.

* Nine times out of ten, anyway.

** Well… Unless it’s a power supply.

About Oli: I’m a Django and Python programmer, occasional designer, Ubuntu member, Ask Ubuntu moderator and technical blogger. I occasionally like to rant about subjects I should probably learn more about but I usually mean well.

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