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Spring Clean 07

Thursday, 1 March 2007 cleaning

Cleaning a PC is full of horrors.

I decided today that the PC was due a thorough dusting even though it was only a few months since I did the last dusting. Keeping your PC on carpet is a bad idea for precisely this reason.

In true blogging style, I’ve decided to share this occasion with all of you!

Not so bad from this side Oh.. My bad

The front of my Lian Li v1000 The business side

On first impressions, it’s not so bad. There was a 2mm layer of dust over the rear intake, but once that’s removed things don’t look so bad.

Bleurgh DUST Not so bad on the GFX card fan

CPU is fairly clean Even clean on the underside of the fins

Well there’s certainly a build-up in some places but the intake filters are certainly doing their job! Most of the dust is on the horizontal surfaces rather than clinging to heatsinks and fans.

Under the PSU again. Not cool. A chipset heatsink... Blasted to hell with dust

Just horrid. This just isn't cool

Well… I did say most of the dust! The rear ports have taken a real blasting from dust that has flown into CPU and been blasted out its heatsink…

GFX card does look a little dusty on closer inspection Why is the CMOS battery caked in crap?

The RAM is taking on some of the CPU's exhaust-dust In every nook and crannie

There was also quite a bit of dust in corners and strangely, on my battery. God knows what it was doing there.

The front intake filter And from the side

From the back Nekkid

The front intake also takes a fair amount of dust and keeps it from getting near the harddisks. The HDs remain pretty clean and cool with this system.

The rear intake after some dusting Looking cleaner Magic.

The rear intake isn’t nearly as well filtered but it’s more important that there’s a good stream of air coming through it that the front intake.

All in all: a job well done. I’ve moved it off the floor now and I’m just seeing if I can stand the noise… If I can’t, I’ll probably look at getting the quietest 120mm fans known to man for the intakes. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to look at passive cooling solutions for the CPU and graphics card.

How was your last dust?