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Where Is My Mind?

Saturday, 20 January 2007 james blunt music placebo the pixies

Every so often I feel the need to share a bit of music (as I’ve done before). I’ve now made a music section inside the blog so there could well be more posts here on a more regular basis.

Today’s deviations leads us to The Pixies’ Where’s My Mind a fabulous song I most recently heard while watching Veronica Mars (s2e02). I know. I’m sad. But without further ado, I’ll let The Pixies take over…

Placebo have a notable cover:

And a walking, talking and occasionally “singing” piece of lady-garden (James Blunt) also had a go:

Which is your favourite and for what reasons?

The Pixies’ version still sounds most “right” but the guitar work on the Placebo version is awesome. Blunt can die in a burning car.