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Sony’s PS3 site

Tuesday, 20 March 2007 funny sony

I’d like to award the Crap Site of the Month award to Sony’s sterling effort: their EU PS3 site.

People that have read my previous rants against Sony might feel I have some form of vendetta against the company. I don’t. Honestly! If they did something good once in a while, you might see this other side of me… As it is, however, Sony continue on their downward spiral and I just echo that.

Sony's EU PS3 site

I’m not sure what Sony have against Europe, but I feel it’s getting about the time where the EU governing body should step in and start placing sanctions on Sony for it’s increasing number of game-crimes it keeps committing against us.

The site features:

  1. Totally unlabelled internal navigation
  2. The smallest, lowest quality video known to man playing in the middle. 100x60px!
  3. Massively inconsistent internal naviagion. Sometimes you need to click, sometimes rolling over does the same thing.

The way you get around the site is the screenshot above. You need to hover over one of the webcams and that will shoot a laser out [highlighted] to something on the walls and give it a label. WHAT?! Yeah it’s possibly the least intuitive method of navigation ever.

If that’s not good enough for you, there’s a list of numbers at the bottom of the page taking you to the separate places. And no, they don’t tell you what the page is about before you hover. True “mystery meat” navigation.

If you don’t have flash or JavaScript, you’re in for a treat! Nothing loads! Having seen the state of the site when it does load, I count this as a positive.

Their slogan on the site is still “This is living”. I’d like to amend that to: “This is shit”. Give it a try for yourself!