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Onsite Development

Saturday, 20 May 2006 news

I’ve been adding a couple of onsite features that appear to have broken everything. This warning isn’t much use as if it goes down, you wont be able to read this, but if you’re reading this, then it goes down, you might as well know its me throwing spanners in thw works.

There are two features that I’m trying to get bolted down at the moment. 1: A screen to let me edit all the articles and posts so I dont have to delve directly into the database to change my typos. 2: getting the code-highlighter working well. For a long time the couple of Java flow tutorials were throwing exceptions but now they should be showing quite beautiful code.

To make things slightly worse, I’ve been playing with getting some server-side caching working and that seems to be doing the job to revlieve load off the server but its really hard to say what’s doing what until I find out what was causing the problem before… I reverted the database to that of yesterady (before I started tinkering with the site’s binaries) so I’m not sure if something I’ve just added in the code or the database revertion was the fix… But anyway… I’m glad its all back up and working… For now, at any rate.

One more bug I need to fix is getting dates to report properly on the blog calendar. I posted something on the first and its not showing up due to the automation I’ve done on converting times to the users local time… Oh well.

Here’s a small example on how the code-formatting is going:

int myInteger = 0;
while (myInteger < 10) {
myInteger++; //increment the myInteger value
System.out.println(myInteger); // print out