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Thursday, 18 October 2007 linux ubuntu

The Gutsy-fever is approaching tangibility and unlike most other bouts of mass-enthusiasm, I’m actually enjoying this.

I’ve been on Gutsy for a while but I’ve been hanging out in the #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 channel on and off for the last week to gauge the level of excitement around Gutsy… In a word: epic. The #ubuntu channel has been nigh on unusable for the past few hours as the 1400 users vent and rejoice at the imminent release… And for good reason — Gutsy is gorgeous:

Mmmm prettehs

Digg is mirroring this with a fontpage Ubuntu story once every few hours:

Digg gone wild

I’m not complaining because frankly is quite nice to see Digg going wild over something that isn’t Apple or piracy related.

A while back I announced:

Hello. My name is Oli and I’m a Windows enthusiast.

Well I’m clean. I’m off the VistaJuice. I’m on the Buntuwagon. My Name is Oli and I haven’t used Windows in 36 hours. It feels good to finally be able to say that.

So are you feeling the love? Are you planning on trying Gutsy? Are you even going to go as far as me and mirgrate away from Windows?