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When Windows Met Ubuntu

Thursday, 23 February 2006 funny linux seopher ubuntu

I don’t like be cruel to people but this experience of a friend of mine, seopher, installing — I should say “trying to install” — Ubuntu. I’ve personally never installed it but I’ve done several installs of debian, fedora, knoppix and (as it was then) Mandrake.

… the major oversight being that my memory doesn’t work so well when differntiating between similar sounding words. I *should* have been making a ROOT folder, but instead I made a BOOT folder…

Leading onto:

So I don’t have a working installation of Ubuntu, nor do I have my XP system working either. What’s worse, is the only two episodes of Malcolm in the Middle on my laptop are running for the second time around…

Malcolm in the Middle is the true tragedy here.

For the full story, take a peek at (MYSPACE WARNING) seopher’s blog