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When bloggers go too far

Tuesday, 19 December 2006 9rules funny

Update (28Dec06): I posted a thread on 9rules about this today – some time after the link had been removed… I can’t say it started smoothly, with the first post (eg mine) being annihilated after 10 minutes and the first reply becoming my post (and thoroughly confusing everyone). But then Mike (from 9r) replied and put it down to joking around but forgetting the footer edit was made until Colin brought this post to light. I’ve made a couple of posts further down the post throught the means of StrikeThrough…

Not bloggers so much but blog networks; namely 9rules. They’re taking upon themselves to try and shame a web designer/developer.

I’ll be honest with you, my experience with 9rules is much like a child’s experience with a toy shop with an strict parent. I can look in and I want to push my content over it. I’d love to stick a 9rules network badge on here and maybe one day I’ll get that chance but in the mean while I’m forced to look and read what others make of things.

I scrolled to the bottom of the page today and noticed my “link” cursor flashing up where there wasn’t any text. On closer inspection, you can see what the link is credited with:

Colin Devroe on 9rules

How about a “what the hell?!”? That domain is used to shame Mr Devroe for bad business practices. Someone got stung and that’s a pity, I’m sure.

Colin in the flesh

Regardless of what this guy’s done, he clearly loves himself… You can tell that after 2 seconds on his flickr page… (edit: Turns out he’s in the Me Today Flickr Group… which explains a lot)… But again… Why is 9rules aligning itself against individuals? Of all the evils in the world, you’ve chosen a guy that can’t balance his cheque book and get work done on time… *sigh* At least if you’re going to do it, do it properly with a banner and everything. This SEO-bombing technique risks you getting removed from search engines.

Edit: So it “turns out” there’s nothing to worry about after all… Unless you like conspiracy theories, in which case, this is clearly a very poorly covered up, cover-up… You decide.