The SCO Business Model

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Anybody that has followed the exploits of SCO (the Utahrian software company) may notice one thing: for a company that doesn’t release an awful lot, they spend a lot of time in court trying to sue the pants of somebody.

Some might say (not me — I like my pants) that SCO make more lawsuits than software.

How to make money for dummies

  1. Sue the underwear off people

  2. ???

  3. Profit!

The reason I mention it is SCO are hunting down (with intent to serve), Groklaw‘s blogger-in-chief, Pamela Jones… Only they can’t find her!

She has said on Groklaw that she’s going away for ‘health reasons’ but I wish her the best of luck playing games with SCO. If any fat company deserves it, SCO does.

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