The BBC needs to learn how to Google

Somebody at the BBC has no idea about their gaming history. Worse still, they seem completely unable to do any proper research on the game in question.

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Just saw this on a BBC News story titled Duke Nukem Forever returns in 2011 after a 13-year wait.

The original Duke Nukem, released in 1991, popularised the concept of 3D shooters. Developed by iD Software, the game saw players shooting their way around a German castle.

It was actually:

  • Released in 1991 (they got that right)
  • Incredibly 2d. The only 3D in the game IIRC was the effect on the spinning turrets.
  • Nothing to do with the growth of 3D shooters (read first-person shooters)
  • Developed and published by the great Apogee Software.
  • It was about an evil doctor taking over the world with his robot (and biological) minions, not Nazis.

What they described was (obviously) Spider Solitaire Wolfenstein 3D.

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