Skype for Linux gets video (at last)

I once heard that good things come to those that wait and today Linux users who’ve been waiting for Skype to push out a video-chatting client finally got their wish, albeit in beta form. Download link included,

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A great time is upon us. A time of change. A time of revolution.

In the past, we have struggled in a world of glass panes and fruits. Forbidden from seeing the world around us. Denied the possibility of showing who we are. But today, our eyes open. Were not afraid to see, and were not afraid to show ourselves.

The words of a Skype developer, Ryan, pushed out today. You can grab your copy from the Skype for Linux download section.

Issues at the moment:

  • Using uvc webcam driver with new Logitech cameras can cause a split video effect which does not recover until you restart video.

  • Using uvc webcam driver with ATi fglrx graphics card driver results in a memory leak and potential crash currently.

  • gspca webcam driver can crash sometimes during webcam initialisation (which can also happen during the call).

  • Using a display driver with only a single Xv port means you can only see video in one direction currently.

  • Using a display driver with no Xv support will not work at all.

  • ATi fglrx driver versions before 8.42.3 may crash your X server and lock up video during the call.

  • ATi fglrx driver version 8.42.3 may crash your X server and lock up video at the beginning of the call.

Until I’ve tested it, all I’ll say is: about bloody time; and: thank you.

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