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Pimp’d my graphics card

Thursday, 3 April 2008 hardware

There’s something about shiny PC hardware I can’t resist. In my opinion, the shinier and harder to install it is, the better. Today saw the arrival of a Thermalright HR-03 Plus for my 8800GTS.

I have dealt with Thermalright before. Their stuff is always big and extremely functional but considering the size of the stock 8800 coolers (about the same size as a dinosaur mobile phone brick) even I was surprised at how big this was.

New Heatsink

That’s a 120mm fan I’ve stuck on there — mainly to keep the noise down. This introduced a problem: space. I have a mahoooosive HSU (Scythe Ninja) on my CPU, a pimped out, passive HSU on my chipset and trying to introduce this beast caused a bit of a squeeze:

The whole shebang

How good is the HR-03 Plus? Awesome! Significant noise reduction. 10C cooler on idle (with the fan voltage at 50%). 30C cooler under load (100% fan voltage). Even with the fan at full-whack, it’s really hard to hear it over other PC noises.

This PC now has 4 120-140mm fans and 5 HDs. This causes a lot of vibration and that goes straight through the wheels into the desk the desk where it amplifies. I’ve found a solution for this though: packing materials. Thankfully the HR-03 came with a buttload of plasticy insulation so I cut some up and stuffed it under the wheel axles:

oo insulation

Again, significant noise reduction.

Now I need a passively cooled PSU =\