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NEW Experts-Exchange Website

Wednesday, 15 November 2006 experts exchange webdev

You cannot stop the signal.

Indeed you cannot. A few minutes after Experts-Exchange posted an image (on the right) about the new site, I was hurling a massive amount of energy to finding to see if they had a testing subdomain.

Don’t you just love it when you’re right? I do. I must say they’ve done a MASSIVE improvement over the old one although they could tone down the graphics a bit and some of my old VIP bonuses are missing from this one (like being able to store topics at the top so you can quickly switch between different areas).

I’ll just wait for them to ban my account now =)

I found them with some DNS wizardry using a little tool (yes I cheated) called dnsenum and that made it very easy to get all the current subdomains… A bit of testing and the rest is history.

Anyway here it is: the new Experts-Exchange website! And another link to the new EE site

Ooo New EE site