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My worst knightmare

Monday, 19 March 2007 funny

I’ve been meaning to mention this one for a while but I’ve only just found the strength to do so without exploding in a big ball of laughter. The nerds from past posts have been at it again — this time emulating the classic genius, that is Knightmare. Before my tongue forks, thanks to Novander’s LJ for giving me the evidence I need =)


At least I think that’s what it’s based on… The pictures from the event show a great many different things going on — some I’m sure aren’t legal and if they are, they really shouldn’t. Take this trousers-optional photo for example:


Yeah… What made you think it was a good idea to put that photo on the internet? I’d like to take this moment to also congratulate the photographer on taking some of the worst quality photos ever. I’ve had to apply so many sharpen filters to get these looking cool that there’s barely any original left! I’m pretty sure a monkey with no limbs could have done a better job but I digress.

Posing with weaponry was a popular theme too. Be those anti-zombie Nerf guns…


Or wop-off swords…


There were also people dressed up as walls while teasing Mr Buckethead but apart from that, it’s fairly uneventful.

Thanks to John for mentioning this on LJ and also thanks to Danw54’s photobucket for showing the world how geeky some geeks can be.