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June 07’s gaming update

Thursday, 21 June 2007 games personal

Tudball is no longer Minesweeper champion of the universe and Paul has released a new testing version of his first person shooter: Shooter.

Not that this is going to be a regular thing but there are a couple of announcements to be made.

Tudball’s going down

I’m relatively new to Minesweeper and my ex-housemate John is a seasoned pro. I’ve taken a liking to the intermediate mode because it offers me just the right amount of senseless speed with enough challenge to keep me slightly focused.

John’s record was 37 seconds. When I started playing intermediate, I was getting nowhere near that and I thought it was impossible until the beginning of this month when I equalled his 37 seconds. I let him keep his victory… Until now…

Woo 33 seconds!

It seems I already beat him on the 15th but I must have been power-playing and just clicked new game without noticing. This calls for a big sloppy:

Fuck Wales!

I’m shocked how many games I’ve got through in such a short period of time… I think I only started playing properly at the end of March… That’s like 55 games a day if I played every day (which I didn’t) =\

I’ll never get anywhere near his Expert time (80-something seconds, isn’t it John?) because Expert frustrates the hell out of me. Anybody know what the fastest intermediate time is?

Paul’s Shooter — UPDATED!

That’s right, inspired by Duke Nukem Forever comes Paul’s little game, imaginatively titled: Shooter.

The update covers a bug that was causing the framerate to suck hard but he seems to be back in control of things now so hopefully we’ll see some smooth mouse control and better movement listeners (hint, hint). You can read all about it or go straight to downloading Shooter.

However… There are a couple of bugs still lurking around including this funny one that I found earlier… I think I walked a little too far and turned into a ghost. Very odd.

Merry fishmas!