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Get an @live.com email address!!

Friday, 10 November 2006 email microsoft offer releases

Just found this awesome Javascript function that allowes you to register an @live.com email address… you can also register:

Just do the following:

  1. Click here to load the sign up page

  2. On that page, click Sign Up

  3. Copy and page the following code into the address bar:

    javascript:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e = document.getElementById(“idomain”).options);r(d=“live.”);r(a = new Array(“hotmail.com”,“hotmail.co.uk”,“msn.com”,d+“com”,d+“be”,d+“co.uk”,d+“de”,d+“gen.tr”,d+“fr”,+“live.crack”,d+“ch”,d+“live.girl”,d+“es”,d+“it”,d+“nl”)); for (i=0;i<a.length;i++){ s(i ) }alert(“Success - additional domains added!”);

    You should see an alert box notify you that the domain have been added.

  4. Finish the sign-up process and enjoy!