Early Learning Spam

Published 2006-11-23. Read 2,551 times. 0 Comments. Tagged: funny spam

Spam is just getting silly.

Bad spam

In what looks like an attempt to beat OCR detection, spam mailers are using systems that are used by CAPTCHAs to stop automated reading of characters.

The problem with this approach to things is they’re trying to get people to take their messages seriously and buy stocks and shares. If you were an investor and got something that looked like someone had gone all Rambo with MS Paint, would you heed their message? I can barely read the message.

If you’ve received any quality spam, send it in my direction (with another email telling me to fish it out of my junkmail =]) and I’ll build a gallery of the best spam. I think it could be a tough competition.

Needless to say, this stock went nowhere.

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