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Bugs in the code

Wednesday, 1 August 2007 funny insect insect photos photos

Thunderflies are horrible! I’ve got a load in my screens at the moment and they’re driving me crazy. Does anybody have any tips for removing them or stopping them get in my screen in the future?

I really wish debuggers worked better sometimes. The above is a photo I took just a few minutes ago of the frustration that has been baiting me all day: thunderflies in my LCDs.

Bugs in my code! Literally!

“Thunderflies?”, I hear you ask… Well that’s what we know them as locally but they’re also known as thunderbugs and, more accurately, thrips.

Anyway… Does anybody know how to get rid of these bastards? I’ve successfully, managed to chase them off the screen with a Firefox icon (they don’t seem to like the orange) but they keep coming back in. A couple on my other screen stopped moving a while ago since don’t react to the might of Firefox.

I hate them =(