10 Worst Gaming Controllers

Published 2006-02-23. Read 3,341 times. 2 Comments. Tagged: consoles funny games

There’s a great IGN article on their top 10 worst game controllers. Its all very good but I think they missed one out that you just cant omit from a chart like this.

Possibly the most uncomfortable controller of all times. Unlike today’s controllers, SEGA decided that round wasn’t cool and therefore the corners of the Master System game pad weren’t just 90° — oh no — they somehow managed to get them feeling much sharper.

Heroin addicts would ditch their syringes and use this controller instead as it was so much easier to break the skin with. Anyway… this controller would be my #1 in a top 10 of worst gaming controllers closely followed by the Spider-Man Plug’n’Play in the article

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