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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

It's time we buried Internet Explorer 8

Every web developer loves to wail on Internet Explorer but we need to act now if we want to stop the history of IE6 repeating itself with IE8. The longer we don’t, the longer we agree to limit ourselves to not using new and exciting features that make the internet better and our lives easier.

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Why I love Disqus

Once upon a time if I wanted comments on a website, I would do them myself, tediously tackling problems solved a dozen times before to deliver an intuitive system. But today is a new day and I wouldn’t dream of writing comment code unless I really had to.

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Adobe: Do as we say, not as we do

Adobe launched its Open Source initiative website the other day and I took at a look at the page. After highlighting some of the text as I read through it, I quickly realised I had stumbled through a warp-hole and landed in 1995. Warning: bad coding practices in this post!

Published 2008-02-28. Read 2,310 times. 3 Comments. Tagged: design webdev

Why Firefox 3 rocks

A media heavy post to start the year! I’ve been using Firefox 3 beta 2 for some time now and here are my favourite features. FF3 already rocks my socks and I’ve a feeling that the final release is going to blow them off.

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AutoPacker - Optimise your JavaScript

Do you juggle several JavaScript files around your site? Too much effort to compress them down? Now you can compress them down as soon as you edit a file without having to run the files through an external tool, all done transparently and on the fly.

Published 2007-11-17. Read 3,750 times. 2 Comments. Tagged: javascript php webdev

How to block Adblock

I totally abhor all the recent ranting on how Adblock is going to destroy the online economy so I’ve written them some code. They can be obnoxious about the way people view their sites and block them or they can get on with things. What I’ve written is technically DRM 2.0. Please don’t hate me.

Published 2007-09-03. Read 108,520 times. 6 Comments. Tagged: drm javascript webdev

Has Apple tripped up with Safari?

Apple has recently launched their flagship browser to Windows. Any good? Any point? Despite his animosity for most things Apple, Oli is excited to be getting his hands on the Apple browser… But for how long?

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