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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

Oh my! Nokia are buying KDE!

Well that’s a bit of an overstatement. Nokia are buying the makers of the Qt library, by far the biggest component of KDE and KDE applications. Make no mistake, this is big news for both Nokia and Linux.

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Zookoda's mother was a hamster!

Zookoda, the RSS to email republishers have been spamming me since a newsletter I was subscribed to closed down. I’ve complained several times yet the junk keeps coming. Not on my watch.

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Why Firefox 3 rocks

A media heavy post to start the year! I’ve been using Firefox 3 beta 2 for some time now and here are my favourite features. FF3 already rocks my socks and I’ve a feeling that the final release is going to blow them off.

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The 2007 Linux review

Another year, another time to ask the question: “Will next year be Linux’s year?” So lets look at 2007 and what desktop Linux has managed to achieve and at what point this leaves us for 2008.

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Nice idea France, but it wont work

France plans to trivialise the crime of file-sharing, a good move, making the punishment a few warnings then severing your internet connection. Look slightly deeper in to what this could mean, however, and it doesn’t take too long to see that this could fund terrorism.

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I'm dreaming of a brown internet

According to an anti-net-neutrality-sponsored study, people aren’t going to have enough bandwidth to do the things they want online by 2010. Fact is, I’m at least 4 years ahead of the curve and the report. Why should ISPs improve network access when they could just sit on their pile of gold?

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4 Windows apps I can't let go

If you’ve read anything by me in the past month, you’ve probably seen that I moved to Linux. I’m extremely happy here but I still find myself loading Windows in VMWare for several tasks.

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AutoPacker - Optimise your JavaScript

Do you juggle several JavaScript files around your site? Too much effort to compress them down? Now you can compress them down as soon as you edit a file without having to run the files through an external tool, all done transparently and on the fly.

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