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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

Diagnosis? Dying HD?

Possibly the worst noise that you can expect to hear as a user of a computer: a HD in the process of kicking the bucket.

Published 2008-03-14. Read 2,410 times. Comments. Tagged: hardware

Phorm is blatant copyright infringement

Phorm is the much criticized service that’s coming to the UK to provide some ISPs users. I’ve been slightly concerned about it since I found out my ISP was going to deploy it but I’ve now uncovered something that should make all web publishers worry: they’re stealing our ad revenue!

Published 2008-03-11. Read 1,910 times. Comments. Tagged: copyright phorm

digg's friend feature is a complete debacle

Many aeons ago, digg added a social aspect to their news site: friends. Hailing it as a new way to find news at a more personal level, it was seen as a good way to follow your favourite diggers. Now there’s a new game for would-be spammers: add whoever you can and shout your crappy submissions at them.

Published 2008-03-01. Read 1,494 times. Comments. Tagged: digg rant

Adobe: Do as we say, not as we do

Adobe launched its Open Source initiative website the other day and I took at a look at the page. After highlighting some of the text as I read through it, I quickly realised I had stumbled through a warp-hole and landed in 1995. Warning: bad coding practices in this post!

Published 2008-02-28. Read 2,310 times. Comments. Tagged: design webdev

Does Windows have a viable future?

Microsoft have enjoyed a long stretch as dominant market-share holder in the desktop market; but now they face stiff competition from two sides: OSX and Linux. Can they maintain their strong position?

Published 2008-02-21. Read 2,840 times. Comments. Tagged: apple linux windows

7 things Windows 7 has to do to win me back

As I keep harking on, I moved to Linux. I’m happy and things are getting a lot more routine for me. I’ve been seeing a lot of fake screenshots this week for Windows 7 and it made me think what I would need from the next version of Windows to migrate back.

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The cruel joke: Seagate RMAs

Last year while moving to Linux, one of my 300gig disks from the just-broken-up RAID5 array decided it was time to call it a day and died. It’s within warranty but that doesn’t mean that much when the support is run by Seagate.

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Oh my! Nokia are buying KDE!

Well that’s a bit of an overstatement. Nokia are buying the makers of the Qt library, by far the biggest component of KDE and KDE applications. Make no mistake, this is big news for both Nokia and Linux.

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