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The Archives are the living record of almost everything that I’ve written for the site over the many years I’ve been running it. Some of the earliest, less-legal and libellous content has been put to the torch.

Breaking the habit of a lifetime

For the past 10 years, I’ve been a nicotine-dependent smoker. The unpleasant sort who can’t go for an hour without really craving a cigarette, getting irritable when they can’t have one. I recently quit but the strange thing is, not smoking is the easiest bit in this process.

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How to back up PPAs

Personal Packaging Archives are a popular method for sharing software not yet in the main repositories. You might be using one to gain a particular update you need. But how can you quickly get a list of all the PPAs you’re using?

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How to unblock Wikipedia

I thought I could go without Wikipedia for one day and I was wrong. Less than an hour into the day and I needed to look something up. I could go and look it up somewhere else but I like Wikipedia!

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DPD are terrible

There are few things more tedious than waiting for a delivery. One of those is waiting for a delivery, seeing the van turn up and just drive off without delivering the item. Worse still when the driver says it was your fault.

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The Death of Ubuntu

It’s happening again. Ubuntu is on its deathbed. Pundits and community members are exchanging blasts of statistics and in the crossfire people are getting dubious. Well I’ve one thing to say to Ubuntu community members:

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Why does Ubuntu need the Canonical Contributor Agreement?

Let’s say you want to improve Ubuntu by contributing a patch but if that project is covered by the Canonical Contributor Agreement, you’ll need to sign over some of your rights. People have been arguing about this for a while now but why does Canonical need it in the first place?

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Fixing /var/lib/dpkg/status corruption

Apt and dpkg are wonderful tools when they work. However, like most tools, if you chuck rubbish at them, they’ll stop working. Here’s a quick guide to overcoming the most common break in /var/lib/dpkg/status.

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